It's Time For Some NewRem! is a website about Remi Autor and the things they make. That's me talking about myself in the third person. You can view those things below.

Current Projects!

A picture of Remi, Lilly the Cat, and Sine, with the words RemiSine Comics at the top.
A comic about Remi's real life with their real wife.
A picture of the cast of Gamer Comics
When you're playing a video game that involves a score being kept, and you're in the lead, it's in your best interest to do everything in your power to end the game as quickly as possible. Every problem in this world pushing us closer and closer to human extinction is done purposely by those in power. They want to end the game. Read about that here!
collage of images from soapbox comics with the text Soapbox Comics
Some white person who was being racist by trying to pretend that they were a Chinese historical figure in order to give a sense of importance to their bullshit tweet once said, "The wise man speaks when they have something to say. The fool speaks when they have to say something." This set of comics is decidedly the latter.

Old Projects

A collage of various scenes from the 24 Hour Comics, with the text 24 Hour Comics 
    written on it.
Big comics I drew in a 24 hour period in October. I don't do these anymore. I used to have so much stamina for drawing.
A picture of Shiné, Shædo, Alex, Mika, and Heather hiding in the background, 
    with the words Flavor Text up above them.
Comic I started in middle school about RPG characters from an RPG game that never got made. The comic takes place after the events of the RPG game that isn't available to play because it was never finished. I still kinda like this comic but it's rough, and once in a while there's a joke that I don't like anymore.
collage of various scenes from quest threads and adventures, with the text 
    Quest Threads / Adventures
A collection of threads I did for 4chan and other places. Some of this stuff is pretty funny and holds up pretty well. The rest doesn't but I have nostalgia for it because I was pretty young when I wrote this stuff. Consider everything here "Non Canon" but I'll totally reference shit that happened in it in official stuff just to confuse you anyway.