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Remi_Erin_Autor 01-Dec-18 03:27 PM
Hey friends! So we're going to be doing a quest thread. We're gonna start a little MYSTERIOUS while I construct some background things. And by mysterious I mean we're going to start with a character generation. The actual appearance of the character doesn't matter TOO MUCH to the plot (although characters might have different dialogue or reactions based on them. EG: Nobody's going to comment on your animal ears if you don't have any.) For certain options, we're going to use the Emoji Reactions as we have here. For others, we'll use the #quest-suggestions channel to bark out recommendations for what our character does. Finally, there's this channel, which'll be used for discussions and arguments, debates, and idea exchanges. Oh and you're totally allowed to vote for multiple things whenever we use the emoji votes. (edited)
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Warren 02-Dec-18 03:07 PM
It would seem that there's something of a consensus on this one.
AsameNightbreak 02-Dec-18 03:16 PM
DerpyDoo 02-Dec-18 03:16 PM
tfw i didnt realize gender even, thought it was just hairstyle but same applies
AsameNightbreak 02-Dec-18 03:30 PM
thats part of the newrem setting
"Gender" is stuff like
vs. Lady
vs. Lass
vs. Girl
they all describe things in slightly different ways
Warren 02-Dec-18 05:11 PM
Also, the image may say that we're choosing a gender, but the filename says we're choosing hair.
Remi_Erin_Autor 02-Dec-18 05:11 PM
Balina 02-Dec-18 06:21 PM
mika 3
Remi_Erin_Autor 02-Dec-18 08:26 PM
Alright. Looks like Number 2 is pretty much picked.
DerpyDoo 03-Dec-18 11:09 AM
The hair is purty
Warren 04-Dec-18 10:25 AM
So right now, we have a confident, decisive character... who doesn't play social games despite not being shy and doesn't respond particularly well or poorly to the secual attraction of others, both of which may well come from the fact that they're kind of spacey.
Disclaimer: I don't own this and i didn't make it either! But YAY GO TEAM SEA SLUG
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-Dec-18 10:27 AM
Let's not forget that they're a communist.
Warren 04-Dec-18 10:27 AM
Yes, but that neither supports nor contradicts my case that we are playing Osaka
so I didn't bring it up. ^^;
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-Dec-18 10:27 AM
I DIDN'T MAKE THIS! This clip is from AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture. It was done by RollTheStampede of ShiningFingerStudios ^_^ I love it because it's the p...
shine 1
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-Dec-18 10:31 AM
Wow Sensei's an asshole.
Warren 04-Dec-18 10:32 AM
Yeah. Yukari's a strong contender for worst character.
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-Dec-18 10:32 AM
She's like Miss Worby.
Warren 04-Dec-18 10:32 AM
Except without /qa/ making Worby insane and amazing.
Also, I'm a little miffed I can't find a standalone clip of the part where she's hunting eye bubbles in class.
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-Dec-18 11:11 PM
Alright. So! #quest-suggestions is where you go if you want to suggest something for our hero, Liza, to do. You can also put emoji reactions on posts if you agree with them or disagree with them, etc. At the moment we're just on a train car alone with not a lot to do (RAILROADING). As for if you have any questions or DISCUSSION, that should of course be done here. I'm separating these two out because I think some organization will help out a lot in the long run. Everything's starting really simple right now, but I plan on getting pretty complex!
Good questions to ask are things like "Do we have any inventory?" or things like that.
whereas SUGGESTIONS are things like, "Let's root through our purse/backpack and look at all our stuff."
DerpyDoo 05-Dec-18 12:02 AM
Too talky I think. I will move it about.
Remi_Erin_Autor 05-Dec-18 04:53 AM
Yeah so what you and warren are doing in quest suggestions is absolutely "Discussion".
Remi_Erin_Autor 05-Dec-18 05:23 AM
But that's okay since I didn't really explain it in that channel.
Warren 05-Dec-18 07:57 AM
Apologies. I was trying to advance the suggestion of getting sidetracked by actually getting a little sidetracked. Pack my suggestion in a meta-suggestion.
Figured this room was for questions and more idle chat and the other room would be fine for chat specifically geared towards advocating a course.
Will not repeat the mistake.
Remi_Erin_Autor 05-Dec-18 08:00 AM
Haha it's okay.
Warren 07-Dec-18 11:05 AM
Remi_Erin_Autor 07-Dec-18 11:15 AM
yeah I know don't worry sorry.
busy couple days.
Warren 07-Dec-18 11:21 AM
I was actually coughing less in your direction than ours.
But okay!
AsameNightbreak 07-Dec-18 11:30 AM
ye not a lot of suggestions
DerpyDoo 07-Dec-18 02:39 PM
Huh. Considering the tonne of people here
Remi_Erin_Autor 07-Dec-18 02:39 PM
Mm. Sorry we're all waiting on me.
DerpyDoo 07-Dec-18 02:40 PM
Yeah it is a lil oddly smol... mostly the peoples I know about! But I guess it's just starting
Remi_Erin_Autor 07-Dec-18 02:40 PM
There are plenty of suggestions.
Just wanted to let you all know you're doing great!
Warren 08-Dec-18 11:39 AM
is excite.
DerpyDoo 08-Dec-18 11:40 AM
Remi_Erin_Autor 08-Dec-18 11:42 AM
hahaha I'm not DONE
but I had to post a picture to twitter for Draw Every Day.
Warren 08-Dec-18 11:52 AM
I knoooow, but I can still be excite.
forrestpyre 08-Dec-18 11:53 AM
How do people even feel excitement anymore
I envy that
Remi_Erin_Autor 08-Dec-18 11:53 AM
forrestpyre 08-Dec-18 11:53 AM
Remi_Erin_Autor 09-Dec-18 09:24 PM
There were a whole buncha suggestions that all made a lot of sense
so I kinda combined several into one thing and strung them together into a coherent uh... cohesion.
Warren 10-Dec-18 04:41 PM
We place a lot of value on productivity, and being distracted can lower your performance on specific tasks. But it turns out that getting distracted once in ...
We're not unfocused or spacey; we're creative and mentally flexible!
Warren 12-Dec-18 08:14 PM
Remi, I think we may need a once-per-update @Quest-Lovers or whatever it would be if you enabled tagging the role.
Remi_Erin_Autor 12-Dec-18 08:19 PM
that sounds like a great idea. I'll do that so you don't have to keep checking.
Warren 12-Dec-18 08:23 PM
I mostly think it'd be a good way to prompt and/or remind people who might not check on their own.
But yes! Please do!
Warren 14-Dec-18 10:01 PM
Not super relevant at this juncture, but it's a video I wanted to post a while back, but couldn't find.
Remi_Erin_Autor 14-Dec-18 10:02 PM
Warren 15-Dec-18 05:42 PM
Remi_Erin_Autor 16-Dec-18 07:48 PM
@Quest Lover Update! Warren suggested I post a notification whenever I update like this, but if it's more annoying than anything lemme know and I won't do that.
Alternatively, I could make a role called QuestNotify and like, notify THAT role.
forrestpyre 16-Dec-18 07:48 PM
I don’t mind it
Warren 16-Dec-18 07:48 PM
If it bothers people, that would be a good call. But yeah, I definitely don't mind.
AsameNightbreak 16-Dec-18 07:49 PM
can't you set it specifically do you get a notification for quest-updates
in the server's notification settings
Remi_Erin_Autor 16-Dec-18 07:50 PM
Oh, you sure can.
but not with like a 1⃣
Warren 16-Dec-18 07:51 PM
You can. But that requires that everybody do a thing and many people don't.
AsameNightbreak 16-Dec-18 07:51 PM
someone post a test in general I wanna see something
and sure thats true
Warren 16-Dec-18 07:51 PM
Lots of rooms in lots of servers I've noticed people often need a tag before they respond even when they're ostensibly quite interested.
AsameNightbreak 16-Dec-18 07:52 PM
yeah you right no message sticker
yeah without the message sticker
a ping is appreciated
Remi_Erin_Autor 16-Dec-18 07:52 PM
Yeah so if people with the questlover tag don't want the notifications then I can make a notification tag.
Otherwise whatever.
haha great.
Warren 21-Dec-18 10:32 AM
Well. It was an idea.
Remi_Erin_Autor 23-Dec-18 09:00 PM
@Quest Lover Update~!
Warren 24-Dec-18 01:09 AM
I had the same thought
DerpyDoo 28-Dec-18 03:43 PM
@Warren hey so i just noticed something
That im not sure if it was by accident but it was typed AND written so
The train announcement says "Doors open to my right"
1: Why would a train go My 2: What is a train's right...
Well, right side of a train, derp me
But like :U Is it an AI train as to use a personal My instead of an announcer's usual 'Please exit at the right side of the train' or somesuch
Warren 03-Jan-19 01:09 PM
If all else fails, maybe we can gather up supplies to throw a party so dope that everyone comes to find us. Genius plan.
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-Jan-19 01:24 PM
Sorry for the delays, friends. We're not on hiatus or anything like that but we are quite sick in this household. (edited)
I threw up yesterday and Sine is doing her best too.
Skye 04-Jan-19 01:36 PM
I hope you all feel better soon!
♥ 2
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-Jan-19 01:37 PM
thanks Joce
Carrot Top 04-Jan-19 01:43 PM
Oh guh
Yes, get better soon!
♥ 2
Warren 21-Mar-19 11:59 AM
keeps hope alive
DerpyDoo 21-Mar-19 12:05 PM
Secretly am still here cuz of it
yamahalex 1
дракона_глаза 02-Apr-19 05:21 PM
you are still here, and it fills me with determination
Warren 02-Apr-19 07:09 PM
gets a hopeful folk song going.
Warren 03-Apr-19 02:48 PM
🎶 All we're sayin' is... give Liz a chaaance~ 🎶
Skye 06-Apr-19 04:54 PM
I need to find out what was going on on the ghost train
I have been driven mad by the question
Remi_Erin_Autor 06-Apr-19 04:55 PM
Warren 06-Apr-19 05:33 PM
Warren 14-Apr-19 07:01 PM
Okay, but what if
👻 2
the story stopped because we vanished too?
👻 2
👻 2
Warren 23-Apr-19 10:53 AM
i used harpsichords over traditional pianos because it helps with the mood of the song also there better the internal file name for this was suplexion.mp4
Warren 03-May-19 09:30 PM
I'm never going to give this quest up.
I'm never going to let this quest down.
I'm never going to run around
and desert this quest.
Remi_Erin_Autor 03-May-19 09:31 PM
Alright you know what I'm gonna update tomorrow.
You did it.
You badgered me enough.
Warren 03-May-19 09:31 PM
Thank you, Remi! ♥ ♥ ♥
DerpyDoo 03-May-19 09:47 PM
Warren 04-May-19 12:29 AM
I just realized that when I started with Never Gonna Give You Up
Remi basically answered
"You know the game and we're
gonna play it."
(Please don't call the game off over that joke.)
(If you did, it would mean I made the quest cry and said goodbye. shaedo ) (edited)
Skye 04-May-19 04:46 AM
this chat is amazing
DerpyDoo 04-May-19 09:57 AM
Warren just wanted to tell you how they feel and make you understand
shine 1
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-May-19 04:20 PM
@Quest Lover
💖 2
DerpyDoo 04-May-19 04:22 PM
Oh dear God that is terrified
Warren 04-May-19 04:26 PM
Okay! We found literally anyone! Step one of the plan is complete!
Was there a step two? I feel like there should have been a step two.
Warren 04-May-19 06:56 PM
Please note that the questions in the suggestion room are not for discussion. They are a proposed line of thought.
I mean, I guess we could discuss them, but I mean that's why I put them there instead of here.
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-May-19 06:57 PM
haha thank you Warren.
Haha I showed an IRL friend
and he thought the guy was a Ghost Buster.
Warren 04-May-19 07:00 PM
To be fair, ghost busters look like janitors. (edited)
Warren 30-Jul-19 03:42 PM
I was going to post a picture of the X-Files "I want to believe" poster with something ghostbusters in place of the UFO
but google image search failed me
so now all you get is this text.
👻 2
👽 2
DerpyDoo 30-Jul-19 04:13 PM
Remi_Erin_Autor 30-Jul-19 04:13 PM
Haha you aren't falling on deaf ears.
Warren 21-Sep-19 08:29 PM
Warren 22-Sep-19 08:33 PM
It occurs to me that this Quest may have ended with the world it occupied.