Flavor Text was (is???) a webcomic about people with magical powers in a fantasy world that takes place inside of a world just like the ones you might find in a fantasy role playing game. Most of these were written around 2010-ish although some were written as late as 2015. These feature a lot of the same characters you've come to know and love in situations that you might find exciting or interesting! I've lost all of the old text that accompanied these pictures, unfortunately, so any old hover-over text gimmicks or ordering or stuff like that is all gone, but I hope you still enjoy reading this stuff. I'm going to organize these comics into some pages for easy reading, as the timeline of events jumped all over the place, since I don't think about these stories really chronologically so much as a series of memories of events. I'll TRY to get them chronological in canon order, but you'll find as you look at the artwork quality that it's pretty obvious that I didn't draw these in the order you're going to be reading them, for the most part. There'll also probably be a little bit of overlap with some pages shown on more than one of these pages. I hope you enjoy it! And if you ever really want to see more comics, email me at author@newrem.com or hit me up on my twitter about which story you'd like me to continue and we'll see!

This page is under construction. Ha ha. Remember geocities? Was that before you were born?

Anyway, without further adue...