Left Unity

Please stop unknowingly or callously working with fascists to defeat leftists based on rumors initially spread by fascists or children.


Image Description/Transcription: Stick figures arguing.

Panel 1: A stick figure speaks “Leftists are bad!” to a group of 5 stick figures silently listening.

Panel 2: The five stick figures throw things and shout, “Get out of here nazi!” “Post hog!” “Lib!” “What a bootlicker!” “Fuck off!” at the first stick figure, who runs away covering their head.

Panel 3: A duplication of the drawing from the first panel. This time the first stick figure says “A specific leftist is bad!”

Panel 4: The stick figure that said this smiles and shrugs as the other five get into a conversation with each other, saying, “I’ve thought this for years!” “Radlib!” “Never trusted them!” “I heard they hate people they constantly advocate for!” “Here’s a link to a video uploaded by a nazi of them saying something out of context of them making a metaphor about a take I would agree with!”


Image Description/Transcription: A four panel comic of stick figures. A large speaking Stick Figure and a crowd of passive smaller ones being manipulated by the large one.

Panel 1: The large stick figure grabs one of the small ones from a crowd of them, speaking “I’m not harming my group, I’m making it better by purging the undesirables from it.”

Panel 2: The large stick figure tosses the one they just grabbed while lifting another. They say, “This is the only way to keep us ideologically pure and stop the undesirables from perverting the message.”

Panel 3: The large stick figure tosses three more aside, leaving just three more in the initially large group. “Liberals will co-opt and extinguish your message if you let them.” says the large stick figure.

Panel 4: A new character is introduced. The large stick figure grabs two more small ones while saying “Thanks for helping identify undesirables for me, by the way!” to the new character. The new character is a stick figure with a swastika on their head. The new one replies, “Any time! Did you hear about that time a trans person was too binary?”


Please look at the account of the person who hosts that video you are watching that makes the leftist being trashed in the thread look bad. It's usually filled with garbage about how the Okay Sign isn't racist, or how Star Wars The Last Jedi is a really bad movie and how JK Rowling is allowed to think whatever she wants and people should leave her alone and shit like that.

That video that you searched youtube for to find the receipt for the accusation you heard about in passing was almost certainly uploaded to a fascist's channel, and you just linked it to people.