In which Mika steals Yen Sid's hat and enchants brooms to fill a cauldron with water.


Three panels.

Remi stands before the reader with a grumpy expression. They state, "A compressed copy of the shareware version of Doom is 2.39 mb. The median Wordpress page is 2392.kb*"

"That's just the HTML, CSS, and JS. Images will run you extra."

The asterisk leads to a footnote citing the source for the anecdote about wordpress page size, linking to

In the second panel, Remi, confident and smug, preaches "My page I linked was 3.2 KB of HTML and CSS."

Mika appears, leaning forward with an amused and intrigued look in her eyes, saying "Yeah but your images bring the total load to 1.2MB. Why did you save all grayscale images as 24-bit PNGs?"

Angered, Remi defends themself, "That's... Clip Studio Paint doesn't support indexed PNGs."

Unimpressed, Mika folds her arms, smug and self satisfied, teasing, "Eeehh CSP isn't your Dad. DuckDuckGo for a command line PNG optimizer, and write a .BAT file with percent signs in it." She goes on, "'Clip studio paint doesn't support it.' Really." "The end user isn't using clip studio paint to render the image in their browser."

Three panels.

Remi looks much more cheerful and as drawn in a more abstract iconographic style. They announce, "Alright alright. There. I reuploaded the images and now the page is 425kb."

Mika squints her eyes like she's laughing, shrugging with her palms held up. "Pitiful." she states.

"Pitiful?" Remi asks.

Mika leans forward with an expression conveying mischief. "425kb is pretty okay for lossless compression I GUESS, but there's more you could be doing."

Remi, annoyed with their understanding of Mika's implication, declares "I'm not uploading black and white line art as JPGs!"

Mika, with her back to the camera, and a shine of light coming from her obscured eye, replies, "I didn't say JPGs. I'm talking..." "Lossy" "PNGs" She hunches forward and holds up her hand like she's balancing the Earth in her palm.


Four panels.

"Wha? But PNGs are lossless..." Remi says, confused, raising one eyebrow.

Mika leans forward and throws her arms out to the side like she's shoving aside everything before her. "So they say, but an all white square is smaller in filesize than a photo of a rainbow behind thrown confetti!" She has a crazed look in her eye and a smile on her face.

Close up shot of Mika's face from the shoulders up. Her eyes are wide, and her head is shaking with excitement. Her smile is unnaturally wide. She looks less happy and more manic. "And if there's a difference between any two images, it follows there exists a smaller version of most images that still contains most human perceivable information!"

Mika's expression changes from manic excitement to coy and reserved. She holds her hands behind her back and tilts her hips sideways, leaning her head toward Remi. "How many shades of gray do you really need for your anti-aliased lines? 256? 128?" The tail of her speech bubble curls around Remi like a snake encircling a meal with bulges to include more numbers along the way down. "32?" "8?"

Remi finally responds, "Definitely a power of two, right?" with a neutral expression.

Mika looks pleased, standing up straight and leaning back, "Definitely."

At this point the reader should realize that the number of colors has been decreasing. It was difficult to tell because it was gradual, but each image has less color depth than the last. This particular image only used 8 shades of gray, and the difficult to articulate difference is now clear. The anti-aliasing is more jagged than the previous images.


Two panels.

Remi, rendered with only two colors, black and white, with no anti-aliasing or any other sort of smoothing, smiles, holding the tip of their stick figure line arm to their cheek. They ponder, "What if I..."

Mika holds up her hands, pushing her palms toward Remi. She has a slightly worried smile, and shouts, "No! No, 32 was good!"

Mika follows up, "Even the original shareware version of Doom had anti-aliasing."

Remi, blank in expression, says, "...Rendered in realtime..."

A weary and confused Mika asks, "Huh...?"

Don't You See, Mika? I can Render my Lines in Real Time! But Remi, I thought I impressed upon you that I wanted to find images that were smaller in size while conveying the same information! This isn't the same.We're changingthe information now. I don't fundamentally see the value in the rainbow obscured by confetti over the white rectangle. Vector Art!