Hello, this is a quest thread that was done over Discord. I probably shouldn't have started this one because I wasn't really FEELING IT but this serves as a pretty fun little proof of concept, regardless.

You can read the Suggestions people made, as well as the Discussion about the quest people had. If your username or user images are on these pages, and you don't like it, let me know and I'll remove them immediately.

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Remi_Erin_Autor 01-Dec-18 01:23 PM
1⃣ 5
2⃣ 2
3⃣ 6
4⃣ 1
🎲 2
Remi_Erin_Autor 02-Dec-18 08:36 AM
Number 3 wins with a final score of 6. Random rolled 2 and 4, and was not enough to influence the outcome. (edited)
1⃣ 2
2⃣ 10
3⃣ 2
4⃣ 3
🎲 3
Remi_Erin_Autor 03-Dec-18 10:19 PM
Your name is Eliza Maru. Liza for short. You're fresh out of secondary school and heading into the Golden Oaks School for the Gifted in Alhambra! You're riding the train there now. All your life, whenever you had to go somewhere, you either walked or rode a Gondola, but you're on a TRAIN now! This school is in the central capital city. Today's In-Person orientation! After that, you'll learn where your dorm is and get to meet your new room mate, and learn what all your classes are! Well... decide what all your classes are. To be honest, you haven't actually chosen a major yet... Oh! Hello. A message notification from Golden Oaks just appeared. You'll have to get used to these. Now that you're a student, they can send these to you whenever they like, and you have to respond to them. It looks like this one is a questionaire. Welcome to Golden Oaks School for the Gifted. We're taking a quick poll to get a feel for the general attitude of this year's student body. Please answer the following questions as honestly as you can to help us get to know you, and everyone else, a little better. (edited)
1. You find it difficult to introduce yourself to new people. YES, NO, UNSURE (edited)
πŸ‘ 2
πŸ‘Ž 7
❔ 2
2. You often get so lost in thoughts that you ignore or forget your surroundings. YES, NO, UNSURE (edited)
πŸ‘ 7
πŸ‘Ž 3
❔ 1
3. You prefer it when your friends make plans over when you have to decide what to do. YES, NO, UNSURE (edited)
πŸ‘ 4
πŸ‘Ž 4
❔ 3
4. The best way to maximize resources for the many is to invest in a few individuals who provide for the many. YES, NO, UNSURE (edited)
πŸ‘ 2
πŸ‘Ž 6
❔ 2
5. You get along better with people who aren't sexually attracted to you. YES, NO, UNSURE (edited)
πŸ‘ 2
πŸ‘Ž 4
❔ 5
6. You prefer to keep to yourself and not bother with gossip. YES, NO, UNSURE (edited)
πŸ‘ 5
πŸ‘Ž 4
❔ 2
7. You consider yourself to be a hard worker. YES, NO, UNSURE (edited)
πŸ‘ 6
πŸ‘Ž 4
❔ 1
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-Dec-18 11:01 PM
You fill out the survey... 1. Easy "No". In the past you've had a little trouble depending on the person but for the most part it's very easy for you to introduce yourself to people. 2. A good book, a game, a news article, or your own daydreaming can completely block out the rest of the world sometimes. You're not completely hopeless. If you know you're supposed to be paying attention you don't suddenly start daydreaming and lose track of what's going on, but... the answer to this question is "Yes". 3. ...You're really torn on this one. Sometimes you like to make plans but you also really like it when your friends make plans too... and you're just too split on this, so you just mark "Unsure". 4. No. Maybe with how the current system is set up? But the current system isn't the only possible system so "BEST" is sure a point that'd be ridiculous to make. You put down "No" with confidence. 5. Woah what the heck is THIS question?? Uh... You GUESS in your experience a few of your friends have had crushes on you but not... Ugh! Now you're second guessing some of your old friendships. What kind of question is this? You put down "Unsure". 6. Hmmrmmm... You've definitely engaged with gossip before in the past, but it's not something you've ever really enjoyed, and you know you really shouldn't, and that you'd be happier if you kept to your own business. You mark "Yes". 7. You... You get your work done, for sure. But you also really like sleeping, and your friends have called you lazy before in the past. Of course you put down "Yes".
Once that's all taken care of, you finalize, sign, and send the message.
And now that that's taken care of, you have nothing else to do but ride along on this empty train car. (edited)
Oh! Outside the window you see a really clear view of the Alhambra Mana Tree! Its beautiful golden leaves shimmer in the daylight. You live so far away, it's really hazy in the distance. Out the window here it's just as vivid as a photograph!
Remi_Erin_Autor 09-Dec-18 09:23 PM
With nothing else to do on the train, you daydream about all of the things you'll be able to do once you're at your new college! You're going there because of their robust Gifted Monster Hunter program. Mostly, you're excited to make all of the new friends! You're going to make SO many new friends!
Speaking of new friends... you realize as you get closer and closer to the college, there's nobody on the train car. You didn't really question it when you first got on, because you're the only Gifted person from your neighborhood, but now that you're getting close, you wonder where everybody could BE!
Remi_Erin_Autor 16-Dec-18 07:45 PM
Alright. There has to be SOMEBODY on this train. You're gonna get to the bottom of this!
You get up and head to the next train car to see if anybody's there!
But you see nobody in the next car either...
Remi_Erin_Autor 23-Dec-18 08:58 PM
You search the entire train.
You don't find anybody in any of the seats, nor do you find anybody hiding under any of the seats, or anything like that either. You start to get a bit bewildered! Are you on a Ghost Train or something? The fact that this train line is automated without a conductor does nothing to help you get to the bottom of this mystery.
You hear an announcement. The dagger line will arrive shortly at Golden Oaks. Doors open to my right. Always use crossways and look both ways when crossing tracks.
Okay. This is getting ridiculous. Are you under the effect of a loneliness curse or something? You can't seriously have made it all the way to the college without encountering a single other rider.
The train pulls in to the Golden Oaks station, and comes to a stop. The doors open.
There's nobody to be seen at the station either!
Remi_Erin_Autor 04-May-19 04:19 PM
No use standing around. Let's search for clues! Starting with that spot on the wall over the bridge! You head over the bridge and examine the spot...
Looks like somebody broke the paint away from the bricks... From far away it looked like something else but that's fine. This proves that there... were EVER people here... ...well the building itself means that... Wait a sec what's that? You see a PERSON! And that person sees you too.